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Novoa, G., Echelbarger, M., Gelman, A., & Gelman, S. A. (2023). Generically partisan: Polarization in political communication. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120(47), e2309361120.

Gelman, A., & Novoa, G. (2023). Challenges in adjusting a survey that overrepresents people interested in politics. Harvard Data Science Review, 5(3).

Works in Progress

“Coloring in the Lines: Segregation, Citizenship, and Racial Redistricting in U.S. City Councils". Revise and Resubmit, Quarterly Journal of Political Science

“A District of their Own: Estimating the Differential Effect of Majority-Minority Districts on Black and Latine Descriptive Representation"


“Does the Buck Stop? The Electoral Effects of Police Shootings"


“See You in Round 2?: Measuring the Runner-up Effect in Nonpartisan Mayoral Races" with Shigeo Hirano and John Marshall


“Politics in the Age of Political Science: An Analysis of Political Budget Cycles in U.S. States" with Andrew Gelman and Daniel Markovits









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